Open Letter to NY times-Arts and Leisure editor Sia Michel

Dear Sia,
I respectfully request that the New York Times Arts and Leisure edition(s)  re-consider its policy to omit “Casting Director” from its information (“About” box) when a review is published. The participation of a Casting Director for Broadway and Off-Broadway productions is as vital to the creative process as any designer currently listed. The Casting Director is literally the designer of the actors and it seems their absence from being listed is curious, at best. It is universally acknowledged within the theatrical community that the Casting Director serves as an essential component to the creative team. This has proven true for many years. I can only surmise that traditions of the past, whereby the producer of any given project was responsible for the casting an actor, are still being implemented without justification. The position of Casting Director is fully recognized in the Film and Television community by their presence in credits and postings. 
I am a business partner for Casting Director Pat McCorkle, who for over 30 years has made significant contributions to the NY theatre community. By including/adding “Casting Director” to any given article or review, you have validated our efforts and evolved your understanding of currently defenseless  omissions.
I look forward to your response.
Very Truly Yours


Jeffrey Dreisbach
McCorkle Casting Ltd.
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